Friday, June 3, 2011


Over the Memorial Day weekend I travelled back to my origins in Ohio to a little town called Coshocton. It's a quaint place where people mostly hang out at Wal Mart and do drugs, well not at Wal Mart, but who knows maybe.

Anyways the point to all of this is that while I was visiting with the family I ran into a friend of mine by the name of Jason McCurdy. McCurdy has been organizing a group to construct a new and rad skatepark there in town. In order to raise funds he's putting on a benefit punk/metal show this weekend with all proceeds going towards the cause. He asked if while I was in town I'd be interested in painting the deck of a skate bowl inside of the barn where they're having the show. I guess to add some pizz-zazz to the atmosphere. Of course I agreed and the next day we went to work. I started painting around 5pm on Saturday and wasn't finished until 5 am on Sunday. 12 hours of painting on a floor!! My knees, back, ankles and well everything are still killing me. It was definitely worth it though. Huge challenge and I'd do it again, maybe not for free next time.....

Well those are all the pics I got, unfortunately they're all done with a cell phone, but you get the idea. It was quite a process for one night. If you'd like me to come and paint something that you own give me a holler and chances are that I'll do it because I'm a glutton for punishment and plus I like to keep busy. Enjoy yourselves!

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Mike Madsen said...

Ok, first of all, that's excellent. I'm glad your talent is being recognized. Second of all, did you try to get ahold of me? I got a new phone cause my old one was being a butt and dropping calls. Just so you know, I will be here all summer, so if this sort of thing happens again, let me know and we can hang out in the Wal-Mart parking lot TOGETHER!