Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adlib Comic & Polish Hill Arts Festival

So I'm programming a comic and bookmaking workshop during the Polish Hill Arts Festival on July 17th. I've never done something quite like this. What you see above is a 4 page adlib comic that participants can create their own characters/story. I'm not sure how well this is going to work or how interested people will be in completing a partially realized sequence of panels. It's an experiment in that regard. I'm trying to come up with some additional activity ideas to complement this one because undoubtedly there will be some young kids and they'll need a project that's easy to do and more importantly fun. I've been talking with Nate and he's expressed interest in doing some sort of cartooning demo or collaborative activity.

In addition to working an activity table there I'll also be there with selling Andromeda comics, prints, paintings and other crafty junk. Also be on the look out for the poster/flyer for the Arts Festival in your neighborhood/community in the coming weeks. Below is an early concept with no color. Once finished there will be a digitally colored 8.5" x 11" version, a larger screenprinted poster and screenprinted handbills of which the designs are not yet completed. Those handbills will likely be steeped in traditional Polish folk patterning and textile design. Hope that you can all make it for this festival. Last year was my first year and I can say with confidence that it's the coolest arts festival in Pittsburgh. Yes, even cooler than the Three Rivers Arts Festival!


Sailor Purrs said...

What a clever idea, AndyCat. You're a catalyst for creativity.

ANDRO said...

Thanks Doll!