Monday, November 12, 2012

Primary Delusionary Experience

A few weeks ago I particpated, from home, in 24 hour comics day. The challenge is to write, draw, ink and finish a 24 page, completed comic in 24 hours. As you can see I didn't quite meet success in this challenge as I only completed 14 pages total, just 10 shy of the goal. I slacked a little and slept more than I should have. Nevertheless I'm satisfied with what I worked up and decided to end the story in just 14 pages, which I think is still just as effective as the original script. The 10 pages I left out weren't really necessary and didn't add much overall to the success of the tale.

As you read this comic it may strike as non-sequitor, however I was working on it with the intention of depicting the dream phenomena known as "Primary Delusionary Experience" or "False Awakening". This phenomenon was made popular as a central theme in the recent Hollywood blockbuster, "Inception", but also it has been used as literary device in various other TV shows and works of printed fiction. "Inception" focused on the dream phenomenon with a twist of science fiction and espionage. What I attempted to show here is a bit more playful and focuses on the meaning of the dream phenomenon itself and also the possibility of the experience revealing to us a past or alternative life we have lived or are currently living.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Click right here to check out the new website for Little Tired Press!
It's totally worth it!

Do you support the exploitation of girls in the sex trade organization? I didn’t think so. If you want to contribute to a cause that will help empower girls who have had this experience and receive a truly magnificent compilation CD for your collection, then please check this out:—a-benefit-for-gems-compilation-cd
Here’s the artist and song list for the album, like I said this line-up is spectacular and totally worth owning in your collection:
1.) Sun for Moon – Disappearing Hearts
2.) Aan – I Don’t Need Love
3.) Nat Baldwin – Lake Erie (Alt. Version)
4.) The Curious Mystery – Night Ride Reeling
S.) Southeast Engine – Adeline of the Appalachian Mountains
6.) Andre Costello – Tumbleweed
7.) White Birds – Floating Hands
8.) Doleful Lions – Julie’s Video
9.) LAKE – Backwards and Forwards
10.) In One Wind – Water’s Looking Fine
11.) Sam Goodwill – Every Other Anthology
12.) Love of Everything – Kangaroo
13.) Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa – Perawan Berawan
14.) The Building – Ethel Merman
15.) Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets – Let You Down
16.) JP Haynie – Gravel
17.) Nucular Aminals – Nobody’s Man
18.) Way Yes – Automail
19.) The Black Swans – Joe Tex
20.) Girls in Trouble – Tell Me
21.) Adrian Crowley – Winter Sun (Demo)
For more information visit: or

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wild Kindness Patch Design

Here’s a little sneak peak at a patch design that I came up with for Wild Kindness Records. In the coming months we’ll be making a slew of new merchandise for the label in preparation for an East Coast tour featuring WK musicians and visual artists including myself/Little Tired. Starting in March I’ll be out there on the road selling comics, prints and other creative curiosities in these cities; New York, Philadelphia, Columbus, Youngstown, Pittsburgh (of course) and possibly Chicago.

You can also now purchase Little Tired comics by the bundle through Wild Kindness' online shop!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nate McNasty makes a Comic Book!

Nate McDonough (long-time Andromeda and magnificent comic artist) has wrote and drew a 160 pg graphic novel that is simply astounding. He's trying to get this thing printed so help him out by supporting his Kickstarter. Also you can view it for free here:
 To check out the cool things you get for supporting his Kickstarter please click here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

T-Shirt Designs for Sam Goodwill

Sam Goodwill is an artist on Wild Kindness Records and he's coming out with a new album this year. For the release of his new album he's asked a handful of artists/designers to create some shirt designs for him. I am one of those artists and above are the designs that I created for one of his shirts. He still has to pick one so it's not clear which one of these will become a reality, but I thought that I'd share them with you until then. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wild Vibracion

Poster I made for Costello & The Cool Minors Record Release Show at Thunderbird Cafe. This show was awesome and fun was had by all. Way Yes (from Columbus) was also there along with Smiling (from Pittsburgh) and both of them rocked the mic.

Mutant Comics/The Fly Homage

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wild Kindness T-Shirt Design

Antlered Tape Recorder Illustration by, record label owner, David Pokrivnak and Lettering treatment by me, Andy Scott. Look for this shirt to be available in the coming months.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MV & EE Poster

My friend Seth somehow got MV & EE to come play a show at his house and he asked if I'd create the poster. I said yes and decided to collaborate on it with my dear friend Sneary. Here is the result. The show is on the 12th at 8pm located at 121 Roup Avenue. Hope to see you there!