Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Eve spent well

I had the pleasure of working on this beauty right here. I work for a division of the City of Pittsburgh that is designed to employ active Arts awareness and serve as an outreach to primarily the youth in our communities, but also the general population. I was asked to create a flyer for our summer program the Roving Art Cart (an arts and crafts service to the parks). I focused the print material around a funky little drawing I did and my boss liked it so much that she wanted me to lead a project in translating this drawing into a fully realized art car/float to appear in the New Year's Eve parade downtown. It was a blast an quite an undertaking considering we only had 7 days from planning to complete execution.


Breck Buxton said...

wow andy. this is really, really awesome.

theohuxxx said...

this is fucking awesome!