Monday, January 18, 2010

Drink Beer and Look at Pictures

This Friday at the Fast Forward gallery come and see some art, drink some beer, and enjoy the company of some interesting/strange folks. I've been frequenting this place lately for a few events. There has truly been some good things happening there, always a pleasant experience. The curator Craig Freeman is a pretty cool guy, he's trying to establish an atmosphere that I have yet to see in the Pittsburgh art scene. It's been refreshing. So, some of my work will be there for sale as well as some stuff by Steph Neary , Jes Lavecchia , Nate McDonough  , Megan Shalonis , and Seth Ladonne among others. It's only $5 for refreshments (beer) and the art I do believe will be reasonably priced. So make it there or else.


Jes LaVecchia said...

FATS Fwd Gallery, dude?

ANDY said...

Duh, you didn't know?