Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Comics and Stuff for Sale or Trade

"Hello From Here",  Postcard - 7.5" x 5",  comes in orange and red cardstock. $0.50 per card

"Holiday Antler Super Mega Extravaganza",  Postcard,  7.5" x 5",  red and orange as well, possibly others depending what i have around, $0.50 per card

"Scrap Ink",  5.5" x 4", A small, mostly visual collaboration between myself, Abdn View, and Sneary. 14 pages. It's a fine little dandy.  $1.00

"Untitled",  2.75" x 4.25",  An ideal adornment for your pocket or desk.  $0.75

"Trouble", 4.5" x 6", Essentially this one is a handful of vignettes/portraits. Color Cardstock $1.00 (ROYGB)
            B&W $0.50

Email me at littletired@gmail for requests or send your order through the mail . Be sure to add $0.42 for postage onto each item. Anything that you might want to barter for any of these that is fine in my book, just pass it by me. 
Mail to:  Andy Scott
                4230 Sherrod St. 
                Pittsburgh, Pa 15201


Jes LaVecchia said...

you fucking winner, you.

André said...

trouble looks sweet with shading. ...and eye wings