Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm all ready to take mine and Nate's work to Handmade Arcade this year. I've broken down my wares I plan to sell into 4 groupings. Those being magnets/birdhouses, sketchbooks/publications, apparel/prints, and original work. It's truly all original work and each piece is unique, however most of the merchandise is reasonably priced and serves a function unlike the paintings and drawings. My friend Nate is most likely bringing a ton of comics and maybe some prints or something. Hope that we are accepted, we will know by mid-October.


abandonview said...

its exciting to see everything grouped together. great job!

Nate said...

I came

Anonymous said...

god im so proud of you! seriously. its so good.

i am so sorry that i couldnt get to pittsburgh to help you out with the flicks. i got stuck working all weekend, and hope you understand.

love you, and if you get into handmade arcade you can expect me to be purchasing a decent amount of things. if you dont, those people are fucking crazy to not have you. and i mean that for reals.

Cara Lynn said...

Holy crap! This is Great stuff. Of COURSE you'll get in. Such original works. I can't remember, do you have an etsy store?

Andre said...

yeah i agree its awesome to see everything grouped together in such fine arrangements. those photos look great!

I want one of those shirts.

Adrian Kasicky said...

how did you make the magnets. like did you get blank ones somewhere or did you have them printed?