Friday, October 28, 2011

Aftermath of an Average Miracle

The "Not So F*%@?#! Serious" group show that kicked off this past Friday (October 21st) at Unsmoke Artspace in Braddock, PA was certainly something to experience. Braddock was the appropriate setting for this eclectic and excited assemblage of artists, all working feverishly in the Pennsylvania region at one time or another. The landscape of Braddock consists of belching steel mill activity (across the street from the venue), lonely buildings and kind-hearted people.

The show was a relative success, considering the location and distance from Pittsburgh. Attracting around 100 guests throughout the evening, fun was in large supply and no bad vibes were generated or received. We'll be planning a closing reception for those that missed the opening or those that want to come back for more. Likely the closing activities will occur around the weekend of the 11th, 12th and 13th, which day exactly is undetermined at this point.

And now, time for some photos from the evening and installation process, enjoy........

For a complete viewing of photos from the show, courtesy of Steph Neary, visit:

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Echoplex said...

had so much fun here!