Thursday, September 30, 2010

PIX-Finally something really cool and rad happening here in Pittsburgh.

Hello folks, I'm here to tell you about something new and exciting that's rapidly approaching the fair city of Pittsburgh. It's PIX, Pittsburgh's first annual Independent Comics Expo presented by Copacetic Comics Company, Toonseum and sponsoring in part from The Sprout Fund. The event is to be held on October 16th and 17th, 10 am - 5pm each day on the top floor of the newly renovated Guardian Storage Facility at 2839 Liberty Avenue (in the Strip District). It's open for free to the general public and vendor/creator tables are only $25. If you'd like a table be sure to do so soon because this event is shaping up to be worthy of notation considering it is only in it's infancy. Special guests confirmed for panels and such include, but are not limited to: Kevin Huizenga, Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Frank Santoro, and Tom Scioli.

I will also be there dishing out issues of Andromeda including the release of #6 to the masses. Also in attendance will be Nate McDonough of GRIXLY comics and Stephanie Neary, creator of various minis and gnarly drawings abound (cross your fingers for her attendance). I hope to see all of you there. We really need your support for this one Pittsburgh, I mean why wouldn't you come, IT'S FREE!!

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