Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can I Annex Your Art?

As some of you may or may not already know Andromeda #2 has made it's debut release this week with a first print run of 80 copies. There are still some left, so be sure to get yourself one soon. However that is not the point of this message.

I hope that none of you are starting to grow weary of these bombardments from myself. Because I'm afraid that there is not an end in sight at this moment. Onto pressing matters, though. The turn-out of contributors for #2 was pretty impressive and proved helpful in making the issue a reality and a success. I hope to keep this momentum and interest steady into the next issue. So I want all of you to attach your creative apparatuses for your next masterpiece and passing along the word to friends, family and strangers.

The deadline for No. 3 will be June 20th, 2010. It's the same drill as before, send it to my email at
Be sure that your file size is at least 150 dpi (dots per inch) and at least 7" x 7"

The ideal content for this issue will be a bit different from last month. This time around I would like to try limit content to a theme. I don't intend to limit needlessly though. Without further ado I present the theme for #3:

"Art School"

Now remember I want to keep this open and sort of vague. For example one person might submit a small story, a 2-3 pager, about the misadventures of the social circles in art education, another might choose to draw an intricate depiction of their alma mater and still another fellow might draw various perversions of classmates with description. I am not particular about whether it's fiction, non-fiction, how-to, informational, poetic, iconic, relational, or any other absurd genre one could dream up. I am most interested in experiencing other's interpretations of this vague subject matter.

Sorry this becoming so long but I have one thing left to add. I will be printing No. 3 on legal paper, this means that all submissions should be designed within a 7"x 7" square.

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