Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Andromeda #2

Well here it is folks, the complete first print run of Andromeda #2. I had a ream or two of color card and cover stock left over from a few projects so I made hasty use of them in this issue. I originally printed about 80 copies, but I've dedicated half for contributors and have sold 10 or 15 since then. So there are about 30 or so left available. If you'd like to get your hands on one or two you can pick them up at my etsy:


or just click the link for my shop on the side ----------------------->

Thanks to all of you folks who came through and made this happen this month. I hope to get an even larger turnout for #3. Here's the crew for number two:

Jes LaVecchia
Nate McDonough
Steph Neary
Tom Dewing
Matt Ketchum
Emily Stilwell
Lorne Zeman
Pat Kain

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