Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I need your kind.

Andromeda is a new monthly, comic anthology originating in Pittsburgh and edited/produced by Little Tired Press. This new publication seeks to expose and incubate the mass of talent surrounding not just the Pittsburgh region, but also anywhere else in the world where good work may be hiding. The first issue was released prematurely this month for the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, OH last weekend and primarily featured work from myself. As mentioned previously the intent for this publication is to feature an array of artists working in the comic form and this is still the case. Whether one draws, writes or creates on any other variation of the form they are encouraged to make a submission. This project is slowly gaining momentum, but cannot accelerate without the help of all of you passionate folks out there.
Deadline submissions are May 21st, 2010, but I am willing to accept them a little later if needed. Images sent should be .jpg format and no more than 10 Mb each. All submissions should be sent to, by mail to: 4230 Sherrod St. Apt. #2, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 or gimme a call at: 740-610-8836.

Everyone is encouraged to submit and all submissions will be seriously reviewed and considered. Thanks for taking a peek and I look forward to checking out all of your stuff soon.

Note: Andromeda #1 is now on sale at: along with the whole serialization of Red Lobsters, that's all 4 issues. 

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Anonymous said...

sweet deal.

i'm moving to p-burgh in a few weeks, any suggestions for an emerging artist? you seem like you know what's up...