Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Awesome chalk drawings by Anonymous

Swoon piece out front 

Deteriorated pleasantry

Jordan Bush

Andre Costello


Maura Doern Danko

Nate McDonough
(except for the sign, that's Nick Vincenti craftsmanship)

Nick Jaffen Vincenti

My workings

paint-job by Maya Hayuk

There was a descent turn out this past Sunday out there in Braddock considering the non-stop weathermageddon. We crushed on tons of cheese and red wine, therefore making it an awesome time by default. It was a bunch of fun wandering around the grounds there at Unsmoke and discovering all of the secret places. It was probably the best Sunday afternoon I've had in my life thus far.


mln said...

amazing showing by all. I'm totally digging your installation work, andy.

Verena said...

cool pictures : )

Jes LaVecchia said...


stephneary said...

where would your blog be without photos taken by me?

abandonview said...

wow great show... all around! whew.