Sunday, November 1, 2009


Unfortunately our work was not selected to participate this year in Pittsburgh's Handmade Arcade. I am a bit disappointed, however it wasn't a total loss because it was something that I felt necessary for my own personal growth. It was sort of like a validation of my work and apparently I have a lot more to work on.  Although I was informed that three times the amount of people applied this year compared to last year. So that provides some comfort. I may not have been accepted into this craft fair Nate and I plan to hit some other venues to sell our wares. In particular, Space, an independent and small publication comic convention in Columbus, OH scheduled to take place in the spring of 2010. Keep on plugging, right folks?


Andre said...

right on man, keep it up!

Cara Lynn said...

What the ?!

I dig your stuff because it's *different* then all of the owls and squids on everything usually found at craft fairs. I guess you just need to find the right venue for you. Keep up the great work!