Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new design to threadless

Flesh and Bone - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I submitted a new design to threadless today a nd it is ready for scoring. i have done this in the past with little success and so now i'm giving it another shot. you can click on the image above to go to the page that allows
you to score it and make any comments/suggestions for improvement. thanks to everyone and i hope that you all go and score it so maybe it can be printed.

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abandonview said...

I need to get more involved with the threadless site. i could see myself going all day with it. unfortunately i don't have time to register now and am on my way to work... so i'll just give my comments here.

looking at the shirt i would wear it immediately as is. but there is a slight problem with constructive commentary...i'm afraid that some people may just have a creative interpretation...rather than truly constructive.. for example, i would love to see the same design with a complete character. centered in the front...maybe the base of the trees and some other environmental design. not to say that i dislike this orientation. it's just that there are multiple interpretations and what can be considered constructive is just a natural reaction to a creative mind.

the design is super. the only real problem is the same problem i have on my digitized ink drawings... altering threshold leaves little stubbles, incomplete rugged lines... where your inked master is perfect...smoothed. i can also see some digital artifacts from the threshold alteration. i think the only way to go about changing this would be to actually spend the time drawing paths in illustrator, or manually cleaning up the lines solidifying the edges with a brush tool, or you could use a smoothing feature in a vector program to smooth it out (flash and illustrator both have them). ultimately this isn't a problem though, the tshirt would be rad if printed.