Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm Gonna Plug It In

Here is the portion where I like to indulge myself in the rare occasion of plugging both myself and others. Above is a product designed by myself soon to be available towards the end of the summer under the supervision and support of a company I will be working with closely known as Apply Stuff. You may be wondering exactly what that product is. Well I intend to inform you. It is a removable vinyl graphic that can be applied to one's wall or practically any non-porous surface. This is just a small example of the types of work one can expect in the future. I have been working with these folks for well over a 6 month period now and it has been a pleasure. They have just now begun to assimilate the structures of their company, they now have an office/studio space and are well into the completion of the website. If you are interested in obtaining one of these vinyl artworks simply contact me or keep yourself updated on the developments on the company. You can find a link to their blog at right until they have a suitable web locale.

In addition if there are any serious artists/designers out there please contact me or  Nick Drombosky(proprietor) at the blog for info as they are seeking to work with artists whom are passionate and original. Thanks.

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