Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frontier Fun

A poster I designed for a friend of mine's band called The Slant. He wanted to incorporate several visual elements such as Paul Bunyon, covered wagon, an organ, and portraiture among many others. I did my best to cram them in there while still retaining interest. I think it turned out fairly well, I'm especially pleased with the type. I really tried to stay focused and concise on the smaller lettering.


Jes LaVecchia said...

fuggin' awesome, dudebro!

abandonview said...

wowow... i need a copy of this, if these got printed... badly. let me know! i'm on my way to send out some dollar and change to get one of those sixers you been offerin too. long live the old big bunyon bastard, but i'm partial to joe magarac myself when it comes to worker encouragement/exploitation yarns.