Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Came up with this flyer design for Little Tired illustration and crafts (Mine and Steph's new contract company). Be on the look out for it all over the Pittburgh area, soon to be Baltimore, and maybe some places in Ohio. Steph and I are brewing up some new ideas for more flyers and posters already and I will keep you informed on those as well. In addition to this we'll also be making a website, but we are quite computer illiterate when it comes to websites so we may need to enlist in the help of Dreamweaver geniuses. Also folks we are always on the look out for new clients that may like our work and an added positive is that we are ridiculously cheap and may do some things for free if the mood strikes us and we deem it as a good cause. Ta Ta for now!!

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Anonymous said...

flyer looks sick! good luck guys.