Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tidying and Tid-Bits

I got this book about a week ago at a bookstore in the south side. I got it mostly for it's cover, but also because it was highly recommended by a friend. I simply adore this cover. It might be my favorite book cover design of all time. It was designed by someone named Will Staehle. I haven't gotten around to looking up his stuff online yet, but I'm sure it will be a delight.
Everlasting mantra
To the right is a finger puppet Steph bought me in the strip district. Ain't it cute?

Finally getting around to setting up an environment surrounding my desk. The new place is starting to feel like home. Thank goodness because the process of moving here was quite harrowing. I think that I would rather not begin the daunting task of moving all of my junk into a strange place again. It's certainly something I will think twice about doing in the future.


abandonview said...

super nice.. the space is very important. great cover... <-mmmm.

moontree said...

heeey it's tiffany ..i have one of these! and put yer link on my page =)