Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Project>Name: Tagging (actually)!

Steph and I were browsing through Staples a couple of weeks ago when we came upon a box of 100 extra large sales tags. Instantaneously our eyes lit up like those of two overly excited children on X Mas Day. So for the past two or three weeks we have been running around in a frenzy hanging tags all over the Bloomfield/Lawrenceville area tying up wherever we can. Tags that is, not heroin. It's been quite addictive. We invite everyone to rush on down to staples/closest office supply store or simply make your own, hang em, and send us the photos so we can post em on our own blogs with mention to yourself of course. Have fun everyone!!

1 comment:

blake said...

dude. i never thought to use those. duh. i'm always thinking too hard about how to set shit up in public which makes me spend more time than i'd like standing around in one place doing illegal things.