Wednesday, December 17, 2008

full page sketch.

I drew this a couple o weeks ago with the intent of making it into a functioning website. I still want to, but I have only a vague idea of how to make it actually work. Shit's confusing you know. Anyway if there is someone that could shed some light on this problem of mine I would really appreciate it. Thanks as always for stopping by!


Jes LaVecchia said...

it wouldn't be too too hard, just tricky
and time consuming, but worth it.

mostly clickable areas that take you to new
windows or pages.

i don't know if that helps or not,
but the drawin' is mighty fine n'at.

ANDY said...

yeah you're right about the massive time consumption involved especially since i don't have the appropriate software programs.
I want the location titles, ie. illustration or web, to show up as colored in when you drag your cursor across them. would i have to use flash or some shit cause they're all like overlapping and stuff?

stephneary said...

you know abnd too?... hollaaa hes my dude!

abandonview said...

tricky yeah ... time consuming yeah... but it would pop none the less. two ways you could go about it... splitz! ... its basically a software that lets you take an image and cut it into multiple, clickable parts with labels if you hover over it. it works, its free and if you know any html it will be a one night thing...but if you can get flash (cough p2p cough ares cough search flash 8.0 or mx)and know how to actionscript, use it... much more options, much more complicated and time consuming. splitz is the ease.

i ran a website for a while based on the splitz tables... and back then it was real slow, but i was on dialup. it works, its simple. if you need any specific help with splitz ring me up.

abandonview said...

hi steph!